First printed snap attempt

Fail, yep well thats what you get sometime, but I’m not giving up that easily. The tabs flex points are far too short making them brake before they will ever snap into place. Advertisements

Deconstruction ~ 120 hours

It took about two weeks for this guy to get to this stage. Not a bad time table and it shows how much easier a smaller figure is to make, smaller then the first very larger figure that is. Deciding to only use large coils for the construction method also helped the efficiency of this form.…

The Ends in Sight

Constructed separately from the figure the feet are far too larger and need to be adjusted You can see the scale of this figure is still quite large, but my hands are also small so a ruler would have worked better. The figure looks good but check out that sweet bike!

And the Band Plays On

Earlier in the process it can be hard to accurately scale anatomy when only sections of the figure are there. Most of the calculations are taken from the maquette and scaled to size to ensure a more accurate initial form. Basic adjustments are made as figure progresses and more of the form can be used to…

The Final Big Thing…

Here is the Maquette for the larger male figure The coil building technique is the best suited for this scale and shape. The full scale figure construction progresses quickly with minimal issues.