Deconstruction ~ 120 hours

It took about two weeks for this guy to get to this stage. Not a bad time table and it shows how much easier a smaller figure is to make, smaller then the first very larger figure that is. Deciding to only use large coils for the construction method also helped the efficiency of this form. Here I have removed the head and you can see the many mallet marks that hammered the figures back out.
050214_1103 050214_1104 Quite a beautiful surface effect I will explore for future projects050214_1107 Here you can see the limited support used in the initial forming at the base.050214_1105 Legs are removed and an accelerated drying time will cause some uneven shrinking and thus cracking. you can see where the lower left hand arm is already showing signs of stress. Best to let it just do its thing do to time constraints. Paper clay will act as a filler once the figure is mostly dry and the expansion of the cracks have halted.050214_1108


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