Finished Work

  • wrapping_an_old_thing.jpg2011-RememberTroyFT 2011-thesipft2011-thesipbk  2011-ImpactNo.1sd 2011-ImpactNo.1ft 2011-ImpactNo.1bk 2011-impactCloseup 2011-consumptionft2011-consumptionsdR2011-consumptionsdL   2011-consumptionbk 2011-ArborVitaeFrt2011-ArborVitaeRside 2011-ArborVitaeLside2011-ArborVitaeback    2010-TruthSkindeep2010-TruthSkinDeepSide 2010-TruthSkinDeepBack 2010-IgnoranceisBlissside 2010-IgnoranceisBliss 2010-CastlesmadeofsandSide 2010-Castlesmadeofsand 2010-BrickSDtilt 2010-BrickSD 2010-BrickFT 2010-BrickcloseupFT 2010-BrickcloseupBK 2010-BrickBK 2009-OurlordFT 2009-LordSide2009-NaterSide 2009-Nater  2009-ActivismsdR 2009-ActivismsdL 2009-Activismft 2009-Activismbk  2008-OolongPalm 2008-roseImpactback_1

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